3rd - 7th August  
Took the week off, after all the Covid-19 it was nice to have time to myself. Even with the problems and lockdowns, still had a fair amount of work come in. Always good but a week off is better.  
10th August  
Began the week by getting all the paperwork ready for the site visits as well as get the van cleaned, loaded up and ready for the woeking week. Glad the weather was nice, not a fan of cleaning in the rain.  
11th August  
London, Boiler Descale  
Went to London to undertake a chemical descale of a steam generator. One of the largest models available and very impressive. Unfortunatly, once the scale from the tubes was removed it revealed a hole or two. Looks like a new tube section will have to be installed to replace the damaged on  
12th August  
Nottingham, Tank Clean and Control Scheme Visit  
Went to Nottingham to carry out a tank clean, remedials and a control scheme visit. Not the nicest of tank rooms, mostly due to it being underground, infested with spiders and having to climb over one tank to reach the second. But got the work done and in the 35 degree heat. The ice cold drink was a dream come true when returing home.  
13th August  
Manchester, Control Scheme Visits  
Back in Manchester for more action packed control scheme visits, the thrill of putting a thermonitor under running water never gets old. Six sites to do in one day, but all withing a 15 minute drive of each other, so too hard of a day. Took samples from most of the sites and dropped off at the labs on the way back to the office. Nice to catch up with the staff at the labs.  
14th August  
Edinburgh, Boiler Descale  
Left at 2:30am to drive the 6 hours to Edinburgh. Arrived on site at 8:30 and the acid was mixing by 9:15. Left the acid to do it's work while reading a book and conducting checks every 15 minutes. All finished by early afternoon and home by 7pm. 
Not a bad day, but a long drive.  
17th August  
Four Sites, Control Scheme Visists  
What a day, had to drive to Sheffield, Manchester, Runcorn and then Birmingham to carry out control scheme visits. Got them done but the drive was too long. Went down the Snake Pass between Sheffield and Manchester in the fog, felt like driving through Jurassic Park at one point.  
Took samples again at the sites and dropped them off at the labs, did a bit of office work and went home to collapse infront of the TV and watch Pixar movies  
18th August  
In the office today catching up on paperwork and getting ready for the rest of the week. As well as finally getting around to working on the website.  
19th August  
Another day in the office, spent most of the time getting all the filing done as well as a general tidy up. Then went to the chemcial suppliers to get materials for the Saturday job, had a catch up with the guys on site as well.  
20th August  
Nottingham/Chester, Control Schemes  
Drove to Chester in the morning and carried out Control Scheme visits and sampling. The headed straight to Nottingham to carry out a similar job at another site. Talked to the staff onsite in Nottingham (always like catching up with people) while doing temperature checks. One of the managers told me abit about the History of the street they are located on, incredibly interesting (always like history too). Headed to the labs and dropped the samples off then home.  
21st August  
Another office day, spent the time writing up the control scheme reports and doing "general office duties" which basically means shredding paper and staring out the window as the hum of the shredder fills your ears.  
22nd August  
Royston, Descale  
Went to the site Saturday morning to carry out a descale on two units they have, it was hot and noisy where we were working. Got it all done in one day so that was a bonus.  
24th August  
Telford, Tank clean and sterilisation  
Had to do a tank clean and sterilisation today, was not to bad but the heat in the plant room was high. Got it all done and were home by lunchtime....so guess I'll find some "general duties" to do untill the end of the day.  
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