Water Sampling  

The Company has provisions for a water sample collection with analysis undertaken by UKAS accredited laboratories  
This service operates for small quantity and bulk collection through out the United Kingdom 
For example we can offer: 
> 2 & 3 day Bacterialogical Counts (TVC) 
> E. Coli  
> Pseudomonas  
> Total Coliforms  
> Legionella Pneumophila  
The samples are taken with clear to read labels as well as a sample form which lists the relevant details. A copy of a sample form can be given if it more convenient.  
As part of on-going flushing of water systems, we can also provide on-site sampling of the water.  
This commonly includes: 
> Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Count  
> pH Level  
> Iron Level tests  
> other tests can be carried out on request 
We can also provide sampling for chlorination on mains water connections  
For example, we can offer:  
> On-site chlorine testing  
> Clarity  
> Taste and Odour  
> Turbidty  
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