Cold Water Tank Remedials  

What are Tank Remedials?  

During the course of a risk assessment, certain defects could be found that do not comply with the regulations.  
A Tank Remedial is carried out to correct the mistakes and bring the tank back into compliance.  

Common Defects  

Insect screen missing on warning pipe 
Insect screen missing on overflow pipe 
No lagging on pipework  
Vermin and/or Insect contamination  
Rusted sides and/or bottom of the tank. 
Missing air vents  
No second access hatch (usually on the larger tanks)  
Hollow support columns  
A dead leg on the mains inlet  
A hollow support pillar 
Dead pidgeons in a water tank.  
No lagging on the mains inlet or the distribution pipework  
No insect screens on the warning and overflow pipework 
A tank with rust on the sides, supports and bottom  

Tank Clean and Relining 

Before Clean and Relining  

The tank before the remedials were carried out 

After Clean and Relining  

The same tank after the remedials were completed  
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